May 27– Enduring Love Means Forever

“Give thanks to the LORD of hosts, For the LORD is good, For His lovingkindness is everlasting”; Jeremiah 33:11 (NASB)

Our God is an everlasting and eternal God. There have been times in the Old Testament days when God needed to remind His people of this. In the time of Jeremiah the prophet, the situation was very dark. God was allowing His people to suffer the consequences of their disobedience as He had warned them would happen. But, He wanted His people to know that He still loved them. That’s why God told His people through the prophet that a new day would come when people in Jerusalem would sing to the Lord. In chapter 33 of Jeremiah in verse 11 we read what they would sing. Situations change but God never changes. No matter how many times things in Jerusalem changed over and over again, God’s love has never changed – it lasts forever and is today just as it was the day the first person was created on this earth. This is the promise we have. Although our situations change, God’s love for us remains the same and it can be trusted. God loves you no matter what has happened, is happening, or will ever happen in your life.