June 15 – Precious and Vast

“How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How vast is the sum of them!” – Psalm 139:17 (NASB)

For those who have not surrendered to the sovereignty of God but still claim to know Him and belong to him, there is a danger of missing the truth. The resistant, hesitant, people who delay fully acknowledging their belief in God generally do so because their minds have not yet given in to His truth. Therefor they are not enjoying the benefits of a life fully given to God. “Divine omniscience provides no comfort to the ungodly mind, but to the child of God it overflows with consolation. God is always thinking about us, never turns His mind from us, always has us before His eyes; and this is precisely how we would want it, because it would be dreadful to exist for a moment outside the observation of our heavenly Father. Friend, is this precious to you? Then hold to it.”[1] Reject the broad skepticism, subjectivism, and postmodern rationalism of today’s influencers. “Do not be led astray by those philosophical fools who preach an impersonal God and talk of self-existent, self-governing matters. The Lord lives and thinks upon us; this is a far too precious truth for us toss aside and consequently be easily robbed of it.[1]”

1.- Taken in part from: C. H. Spurgeon, Morning and Evening: April 30, Daily Readings, (London: Passmore & Alabaster, 1896).