May 16 – Learn and Obey

“You call Me Teacher and Lord; and you are right, for so I am.” John 13:13 (NASB)

In Scripture many names are used to identify God whether He spoke them as God the Father or as the Son of God, each is significant in its meaning. During Jesus’ time on this earth, he taught people about Himself using, several names by which people could refer to Him. In today’s verse two names were used especially by Jesus’ disciples expressing what Jesus Christ was for them. These names represent what Jesus is for us too. He is our Teacher and is involved in our lives daily teaching us His truth. We need His teaching and we should be learning from Him all through our lives. Each moment is “a teaching moment” if we pay attention. Jesus, by title and essence is our Lord but let’s not forget that this name is manifest through our obedience. We must obey our Lord. There’s no place for us to say, “No, Lord” and continue to call Him Lord. As we think of these two names, let’s remember to be learning and obeying Him each day. He teaches us and directs each steps of our lives which we need to follow – learn and obey what we learn.