May 11 – Sighted and Hearing

“He who planted the ear, does He not hear? He who formed the eye, does He not see?” Psalm 94:9 (NASB)

This verse might cause us to pause just a moment with the question, “He who planted the ear..?” But, this is a common use of the word to speak of creation. When God created our human ancestors in order to have fellowship with them, He gave His creatures the ability to know what is going on. Each of us was given the ability to see what is around us and to hear sounds happening around us. Not every creature sees and hears equally well and some not at all, but such circumstances were not in God’s plan at the beginning. We are reminded today that the ability to see and to hear were given to us by the one who created us. God wanted us to experience a part of what He has always experienced. God gave us the ability to see in part because He sees everything. He made us able to hear some sounds because he hears every sound. Yes, our God sees us in our needy time and he listens when we pray – that is the promise he made when he made us. Let’s be thankful.


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