March 31 – By Our Side

“For I am the LORD your God, who upholds your right hand, Who says to you, ‘Do not fear, I will help you.’” –  Isaiah 41:13 –  (NASB)

Just as Israel could count on God’s help, so can we for God promises to the believer that He will uphold our right hand. The picture of these words is that God is at our side ready and active in giving us help. We all need help and sometimes in circumstances that seem to be quite unsettling. We should know that God allows such time in order to give us an opportunity to believe His promises. He wants us to know that he is right here with us just as he was with Israel. We should not fear those who are against us. In this chapter Isaiah compared the idol worshipers who did not have the help of God. They could only help each other and the result was an idol who could do nothing for them. Each expert idol maker did their part to make sure the carved and plated image would not totter – fall over. Their idols could not even right themselves. God promises to help us and we do not have to be afraid of the threating world around us that wants to cancel us. God will not let that happen.