February 7 – Praise Is Good and Pleasant

“Praise the Lord! For it is good to sing praises to our God; For it is pleasant and praise is becoming.” – Psalm 147:1 (NASB)

Today we had a verse found in an uplifting and encouraging Psalm. Specifically written for the people of Jerusalem after they returned from exile in Babylon to restore the Temple, rebuild the walls of the city, and secure its gates. Perhaps the Psalm’s author read again the hard questions God asked Job (Job 38-41) or asked Israel (Isaiah 40). Then turns those words of God into declarations worthy of praise. Singing praises to the Lord with thanksgiving for all that He had done results in encouragement. For we know that the God who speaks these assertions, is speaking to us as well. We can take great comfort in the promise of God’s greatness, strength, and understanding (vs 5-6). There is great value in fearing God and receiving His favor; along with those who wait for his mercy and steadfast love (v. 11). For all this we have great reasons to praise and sing praises to God from our hearts. It makes our days more pleasant. Fretting about our afflictions and the wicked who disrupt the peace of our lives is unprofitable. The LORD supports and will relieve us of our afflictions, it’s a promise (v. 6).