February 2 – When Great is Greater

“Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised, and his greatness is unsearchable.” – Psalm 145:2 (ESV)

Who or what is truly GREAT in your personal world? Honestly, we throw that word around pretty freely and not without reason because anything that astounds us or we find awesome we easily label as great. We found at least 16 different definitions or meanings of the word ‘great’ in the dictionary. Our verse for today refers to the Lord’s greatness as “unsearchable.” This is because God is infinite. In this Psalm God’s divine infinity is presented. When we speak of our Lord God’s infinity, what we are really saying is that God has no limits. God’s understanding and knowledge has no boundaries⸺He is omniscient. His spatial presence  is everywhere⸺He is omnipresent. God has no beginning or end and does not experience the passing of time⸺He is eternally present. God can and will accomplish all that He wills⸺He is omnipotent.  Nothing limits God in anything that He is or does. God’s infinity is hard to grasp because we live in a world that has limits on our power, time, location, knowledge and much more. So we know and believe that His goodness and love are perfect and unlimited⸺He is omnibenevolent. This is why God’s greatness is infinitely unsearchable.