November 5 – No Frustrations Only Happiness

The Lord brings the counsel of the nations to nothing; he frustrates the plans of the peoples. The counsel of the Lord stands forever, the plans of his heart to all generations. – Psalm 33:10–11 (ESV)

Think about it for a moment: If God is sovereign and can do anything he pleases, then none of his purposes can be frustrated. He must be the happiest of all beings. We’re not sure if God’s happiness is like what we call happiness because we’ve sort of mangled the meaning. God’s infinite, divine happiness is a fountain from which Christians drink and we long to drink more deeply. We experience frustrations when we plan outside of God’s guidelines. We have misconceptions of how we can be happy people. Imagine what it would be like if the God who ruled the world were not happy. What if God were displeased and despairing, downhearted and dreary, disgruntled and dejected? We might all relate to God like little children around a grumpy dad. But that is not the way God is. He is never out of sorts with frustration or discouragement. So our aim is not to avoid God, not to shy away from Him. No, our aim is to hope in his steadfast love. To run to him. To be happy in God, to delight in God, to cherish and enjoy his fellowship and favor.