August 29 – What We Weep For

“When Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jews who had come with her also weeping, he was deeply moved in his spirit and greatly troubled. …Jesus wept.” – John 11:33 &35 (ESV)

This is from the story of Jesus when at the home of Lazarus, who had died 4-5 days before, Jesus brought him back to life. It includes the “shortest verse” in the Bible because of translations. He greets Martha and then Mary and others mourning the death of Lazarus with them. Jesus reacts strongly. “He was deeply moved…and greatly troubled.” This comes from a Greek word with the root-meaning to be ‘moved with anger.’ Why? Certainly not just because Mary, Martha, and their friends were weeping in sorrow over the death of this loved one. We also so weep and Jesus He himself was about to silently burst into tears (verse 35). Jesus may also have been angered because He was indignant at the pain and sorrow and death that sin brought into the world. The context, is of sympathy rather than of only indignation as some suggest. Jesus being deeply moved and greatly troubled. suggests inward disturbance. In a way, Jesus was filled with indignation at the cause and sympathy for his friends. Lazarus lived again in his same restored body. Our promise is for a new perfect body at our resurrection in Christ.