August 26 – Pause to Reflect

“Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears our burden,
The God who is our salvation. ⸺ Selah ” – Psalm 68:19 (NASB)

We have a word in today’s verse which has never been fully understood. It occurs 74 times in 74 verses in the Psalms. Selah, is thought to be a musical or liturgical term. A common attempted understanding is that it means “Pause a moment.” Maybe an extended rest in music. As in today’s verse it is placed after declaration that manifests God’s power, sovereignty, majesty, and promise to protect against our enemies. In today’s promise we sing out blessings to the Lord because he bears our burden every day. That means no matter what is put upon us today, tomorrow, and every tomorrow after that, God is with us to bear our burden. What is our burden? Well it may be our duties in obeying the precepts and commandments God has given to us. He will not give us instructions on life and then leave us alone without His help. No, in Isaiah 41:10, 13 God promises to help us and to uphold us with His righteous right hand. Let’s PAUSE a moment and let that sink in so that we don’t gloss over this wonderful promise and pay no attention to it. ⸺ Selah.


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