August 17 – Faithfulness, Choosing That Way

“Put false ways far from me
            and graciously teach me your law!
I have chosen the way of faithfulness;
            I set your rules before me.” – Psalm 119:29-30 (ESV)

These days, for those who are paying attention, there is a clamor about what is true or what is not true. The challenge is that there are two or three, even more sides on many matters and each claim to be true and the others false. What is true and what is not do not naturally get along very well. Telling which is which is not easy. The trend is to decide what one “thinks” is true and declare contradictory opinions to be untrue. Global and national media are filled with accusations and declarations. The psalmist in our selected verses gives us a better option. It begins by committing to put what is false far away.  How are we to know which ways are  the false ways? We can acknowledge and learn truth from what God teaches us. And when God teaches a willing heart and mind, He does so graciously and lovingly. Then we can be wise and do what the psalmist did: he chose the way of faithfulness and set God’s rules and commandments as his objective truth to know and learn. Let’s place God’s teaching always before us and make His rules our standard to follow.