April 15 – Really, We Can

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13 (ESV)

For some this may be a very familiar verse. In fact many lean on this verse for help in many things. However, to understand the truth, we need to know that this verse has nothing to do with: winning at sports, career goals, being a title-holder, increased self-esteem. This verse has to do with endurance and contentment in all circumstances and outcomes. Whether in the midst of suffering or in the heat of life’s battles, Paul affirms that God is his source of strength to not despair but to be faithfully content. Having experienced both the lows and the highs in serving God’s will (v. 12), Paul knew the secret of facing any and all circumstances, enduring times of abundance and need. He can do this and face all things God allows to come his way. This is the promise Paul had and that we have also. What he is saying is “I have the ability to deal with any kind of material circumstance because of my spiritual strength.” This includes any kind of trial that brings suffering, any kind of want that stretches our faith. Abundance or need results in our contentment because of God’s Strength.