Holding Fast

The comments and thoughts in this post were sparked to life by this passage from a blog I read recently.

Speaking of the beginning of time, as we are accustomed to think about it, the author of the blog says…
“It wasn’t always this way. In the beginning God came to a place that was formless, empty, and dark. The Bible tells us “the Spirit of God was hovering”  [Gen. 1:2] over this place before He went to work creating a space where He could enjoy fellowship with you and me.”

It is positively mind-blowing to attempt to capture an understanding of the creation process by God who tells us he can not be contained, explained, or captured in thought. It is so beyond our ability that even when we do our best, we end up making statements and conjectures that are truly non sequiturs. No matter how earnest and careful we are, we humans will always get in the way and our conclusion will be tainted with our imagination and preconceived concepts of God and the world.

Consider an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent creator God who IS and always has BEEN and the closest self description He has given us about who He is, is the statement he gave many times when speaking about who he is.

“I AM.”

Now, consider how this God could possibly “come to a place that was formless, empty and dark.” Did He come as in a passage of “time”? Did He come as He moved about within the confines of an existing universe? Were there other “places” He could have come to that were not so formless, empty and dark? Did He come after considering other options? No. No. Don’t Know. Don’t Know. But we can understand to a limited degree that He is the universal START to all that we know.

We can only apply the language we have using the understanding and knowledge we have – all of which is extremely finite. He, on the other hand is Creator of all things. Nothing that exists was not created by Him. He is the One who holds everything together. The formless, empty and dark place was not a place he arrived at but a place he created. He cannot arrive if he exists everywhere and always has.

My feeble attempt would be that he first created the “stuff” out of nothing at all and then used the “stuff” to create a stage or workshop wherein he created the Universe we have which did have a beginning out of nothing even though God’s eternity is complete and exists outside of any concept of time as we understand it. For God, there is no eternity past or eternity future, there is Him. He IS and He has always BEEN, therefore, He can say I AM with no limitations “Before Abraham was, I AM. A concept beyond our ability to manage in our processing and effots to get above what is around us and explain it.

It is simply and totally mind-blowing. We will someday know just as we have been know. Then, while still created beings, we will understand more.