Just How Great Can We Make it Again?

How big is God?

No, really, this is a seriously good question to ask. We say we have a Big God but do we really believe it? Do we live as if we believe that God is even beyond big? It is my belief that we do not have in our language a word that is adequate to describe the scope of God because we cannot even possibly conceive of a God as big as He really is. God is so big that he is beyond any comprehension we have. God is size-less. God has no limits, no boundaries and cannot be measured by any method or scale that we do understand. This is truth – God is beyond any limitations we try to put on Him or put Him in.

So then, it is useless for us to try to relegate God in our lives to some obscure place where we can, when we need Him, reach out and pull His Grace and Love into our lives. It is an empty though often practiced method of organizing and compartmentalizing our lives so that we can have “the best of both world.” We do this so that we can remain friends with the world and its system and at the same time pretend that we love God and believe in Him and His Word. God cannot be contained in any way and His Word cannot be rewritten to fit what the world wants.

I believe it is time to acknowledge that God is so very big that he actually ordains everything that happens in our lives including the suffering we experience and will experience.  Whatever trials and whatever sufferings we experience are ordained by God. Everything that comes into our lives is part of all things that God works together for good, even the suffering and pain of illness, loss, and persecution.  It has to be so because if it is not so we have a pretty small God who does not control all things and leaves some things to chance. We do not believe or say “God didn’t have anything to do with that which caused our suffering.” That is not so. God is so Big that he knows and ordains even the suffering we endure.

Everything in our lives is ordained by God. All is permitted by God. Nothing happens independently from the knowledge and will of God.

No, that does not mean everything in our lives is approved by God or designed by God or instigated by God.  Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am being tempted by God”; for God cannot be tempted by evil, and He Himself does not tempt anyone.” James 1:13

It means that God is so far beyond being Big that nothing passes his attention and if something bad, evil or wicked happens, God knows about it and yes, He allows it.  God does not create the bad, evil or wickedness that comes into our world but he has ordained the world to allow it to exist until that day when all things will be reconciled and put right.

[This is an insightful dialogue about what God has to do with with the ordination of suffering in our lives.]

Turn the coin over and the nations of the world, the mighty nations are nothing. Well, they are less than nothing, if that is possible in our mind to comprehend something less than nothing. “Behold, the nations are like a drop from a bucket, and are regarded as a speck of dust on the scales;” Isaiah 40:15  “All the nations are as nothing before Him, they are regarded by Him as less than nothing and meaningless.” Isaiah 40:17

So, God is bigger than big and we are less than nothing when consequence is considered. All the huff and puff of the nations amount to less than nothing when viewed through the eyes of our God.  So why do we fret so much over what is happening? Why do we cry out and cry for our way of life as it has been? Why do we want back what we think we had?  How far back do we want to go? To 1950, or 1960, or 1970, or 1980? Certainly at least that far back, right? We don’t want to just go back the the America of 2008. Where in history do we want to pick up from where we were because that was “Great” America?

What did we have? Was it of any real significant value?

No. It was not. Not when consequence is considered.  So, with the campaign promise, “Make America Great Again.” What kind of “Great” is it that we are trying to make again?   Yes, we really have to face this question of what kind of “Great” is being promised in the campaign slogan. Your idea of “Great” or the candidates idea of “Great”. Because, this is true, that the “Great”, whatever it is for whoever, will not be a blessing to the ones who are in Christ, those who have Christ in them.

The day has come and is coming when it will be the Greatness of God and not the Greatness of America that has significance and consequence for those who believe in the only true God, the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, our Savior.

Do not be deceived and do not forget that if  you have come to the point that you believe in  Jesus Christ and put your faith in his redemptive work as he suffered and died on the cross and in his resurrection to a new life, you are under the promise of suffering, trials and tribulation for His sake.  And that suffering comes at us in many ways. And a way that is developing very quickly in this country because of the influence of evil through Satanic manipulation and unrighteousness is the suffering Christians will experience just because they are Christian. This has begun and it is picking up steam. Christians have lived under the delusion that it is the Constitution of the United States that has given them their religious liberty and therefore they expect the protection of the Constitution to be with us always.  This is not so.

Christians have been embracing the philosophies of the world – those that even are contrary to the never changing Word of God – and the result is that their perspective of the world and their understanding of their purpose has morphed into attitudes and beliefs that promote not the Word of God but the attitudes and views perpetuated by anti-God and anti-Christ influences.  The justification for embracing these attitudes are given in high sounding words which sound like something God would agree with except God has already disagreed with them and called them an abomination.

If we were to list the attitudes that embrace wickedness more than righteousness, it would be nearly endless. Each of us can know in our own hearts what they are if we want to. Since suffering for Christ is going to be in our lives we might be wise to be sure we are suffering for what is righteousness and not for what is wickedness. “The righteousness of the righteous will be upon himself and the wickedness of the wicked will be upon himself.” Ezekiel 18:20b.