A Statement of Vision

Why have I started writing in the blog again?

Because I have been given a burden.

Because I envision that the culture of our country, which has always been in a state of change, is making a significant pivot away from morality and toward a standard of godlessness. What once governed our laws and the judgments of our courts is being washed away and replaced with a worldly standard that does not include God’s precepts.

Because those who confess to be Christian are being tested.  This testing will prove some to be false confessors and others to be true confessors. When it comes time to stand up and lose what we have, some will stand up and lose and others will keep what they have and remain seated, adopting the accepted standard that is being implemented.

Because each day there is evidence that the enemies of the cross of Christ are gaining strength and momentum. They are being enabled by the courts which have rejected God and His word as the basis of sound judgement and are using human reasoning which is faulty to its very core because it is without God.

Because true believers need to be prepared for what is coming if they have not experienced it yet. The elect of God need to know that there is value in knowing Christ and the power of His resurrection for they will experience the fellowship of His sufferings and will be conformed to His death.

Because true believers need to trust in the promise of eternal life.

Who am I to think I can do anything good about this? I am nobody. I am the least of all and I have no human credentials that qualify me as any kind of expert.

Why do I think I can do this? I really don’t think I can but that burden is there and so I do this in response.

If any believer is to be helped or encouraged by what is written here, it will be because God will take this feeble effort and breath His life into it through his Holy Spirit.

This link tells the story of one believer who has faced suspension from his job for the same reason that Daniel was tossed into the den of lions.